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Meet the Team

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Owner & Managing Director

Hamish has B. Ag Ec Degree from UNE Armidale and commenced his career as a commodities trader in 1983 working for DR Johnston, Cropmate Fertilsers (a ConAgra company), Jossco Pty Ltd and then Direct Commodities Pty Ltd. His experience covers local commodity trading, shipping, importing and exporting many agricultural commodities including grains, fertilisers, vegetable and animal protein meals, fish meals and milk powders. In recent years he has expanded his trading portfolio to include tin concentrate, fertilizer trace elements and oxysulphates, various mineral oxides and spent catalyst for further recycling/processing or micro nutrient fertilizer manufacture.

(M) 0418 162 512  ||  (E)

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ANGELA cartledge

Accounts & Human Resources Manager

Angela has a B. Educ/ Info. Tech before joining Direct Commodities in 2011. She primarily manages the administrative, accounting and logistic aspects of the company and is responsible for the accounts payable, accounts receivable and Human Resources.

(M) 0404 786 010 || (E)