Direct Commodities Pty Ltd




"We deliver on our promises"

Direct Commodities is a commodity trading company based in Sydney servicing both local and international markets and striving to “deliver on our promises”.

Our primary goal is to add value and help minimise risks for our suppliers and customers by being a reliable and flexible supplier of quality commodities at competitive prices.

We offer this service by having a sound financial company, employing and training professional staff using the latest technology and market information and developing strong relationships with all our partners in the supply chain.

We are committed to meet customer’s demands on quality by working with graders, packers, processors and using independent surveyor laboratories and personal inspection to assure the quality of our products meet contract specification. All our exports are tested by internationally recognised independent surveyors with quality based on Grain Trade Australia (GTA) standards and all our contracts are governed by either GTA or GAFTA rules and arbitration.

We offer a diverse range of products, such as animal protein meals, vegetable protein meals, fish meals and fish oils, fertilizers, milling by-products, grains & pulses, lentils, milk powders and spent catalyst/oxides etc.

 “We strive to build strong relationships with our customers, suppliers and freight providers which enable us to offer high quality products to our clients at competitive prices.”




Unit 39, 59-69 Halstead St
South Hurstville, NSW 2221

(02) 9570-2419

Our word is our bond.