Direct Commodities Pty Ltd

About Us

Passion. Experience. Diligence.


About Us

Direct Commodities was established in 2006 as a privately owned commodity trading company based in Sydney, Australia. Our primary goal is to add value to our clients within Australia and globally by purchasing and supplying quality commodities at very competitive prices. Trading in premium cereal and coarse grains and pulses, protein meals, fish meals, fertilisers, milling products, bird seeds, fats or oils – the team at Direct Commodities are here to help.

Given our size Direct Commodities can offer more flexibility and hands on service than our larger competitors by secure payment and direct contact to the trading team makes Direct Commodities a great marketing option.

Our strategy is to grow the company in a controlled manner and offer competitive pricing to both growers and customers alike via a secure and reliable supply chain to the consumers that improves the profitability and efficiency of all involved in the market.


How we differ?

  • We employ professional people with long standing experience, knowledge, integrity and reputation in the commodities trading area.
  • We survey and test products where applicable from suppliers in order to make sure they meet contract specifications.
  • We act quickly on any problems or issues arising and solving them quickly and amicably so as to limit any inconvenience.
  • We build strong and trustworthy relationships with all parties in the supply chain that gives people the confidence to deal with us.
  • We are flexible and work with each of our customer’s needs to find new solutions.
  • We are reliable in meeting our obligations under contract terms and conditions, spreads and quantities of product.

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